The Lemkin
Book Award

ISG's Lemkin Award honors Raphael Lemkin, the originator of the concept of genocide and first exponent of a United Nations Genocide Convention. The biennial award recognizes the best non-fiction book published in English or translated into English that focuses on explanations of genocide, crimes against humanity, state mass killings and gross violations of human rights, and strategies to prevent such crimes and violations.
Raphael Lemkin [UN]

Call for Submissions

Edited volumes, memoirs, poetry, fiction and drama are excluded.

The award consists of a citation and honorarium, and the winner is invited to deliver a public address in New York City at a meeting convened by the Institute for the Study of Genocide.

The 2017 award cycle covers books published between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016.

We are currently accepting nominations for books published in the 2016 calendar year (January 1st-December 31st, 2016).


Prior to sending books please contact Lemkin Award Committee Chair, Professor Ernesto Verdeja at

2015 Lemkin Book Award Winner

Mark Levene, author of The Crisis of Genocide, 2 volumes, published by Oxford University Press, 2014.

Dr. Mark Levene is a Reader in Comparative History at Southampton University UK. These two volumes are part of a five volume series on genocide.

The award ceremony and video lecture by Professor Levene were held on November 12, 2015 at 6pm in Cardozo Law School, 3rd floor hall.

Below is Professor Levene's 2015 Lemkin Book Award public lecture

Past Lemkin Book Award Winners

2013: Yang Jisheng, Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine 1958-1962, translation by Stacy Mosher and Guo Jian (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012)

2011: Emma Gilligan, Terror in Chechnya: Russia and the Tragedy of Civilians in War (Princeton, 2009)

2009: Darius Rejali, Torture and Democracy (Princeton, 2007)

2007: Donald Bloxham, The Great Game of Genocide: Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Ottoman Armenians (Oxford, 2005)

2005: Peter Balakian, The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America's Response (Harper Collins, 2003)

2003: Samantha Power, A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide (Harper Perennial, 2002)

2000: Alison Des Forges, Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda (Human Rights Watch and FIDH, 1999)